On the home page of the Viareggio Port website (www.viareggioporto2020.it) is the "Book Now" button where you can select the "Annual Format", complete with all the technical and personal information necessary to process your request for berth assignment. escription
To change the category a new request must be made. On the home page of the Viareggio Port website (www.viareggioporto2020.it) there is a "Book Now" button where you can select the "Change of Size Category". The new request that will be inserted as a new name in the relative ranking.
When an annual berth is assigned, the assignee must confirm their acceptance within 3 days, under penalty of automatic cancellation and consequent reassignment of the place. In case of a positive response from the boat owner regarding the communication of assignment, the Dealer will send, via email to the assignee, instructions on how to make payment of the annuity and, the assignee must make the payment within 5 days, sending the required documents.
In the event that the assignee is not yet in possession of the craft, they has 60 days to occupy the assigned place, after which they automatically lose the right of assignment.
It is possible to submit a request only for one category.
No, a private customer can be assigned a maximum of one annual berth.
Quotes may, at any time, be subject to change based on price variations.
There are no refunds for early departures for daily transit contracts. For monthly and seasonal transits, the customer is entitled to a refund for days after the 40th day.
After the fifth month, the remaining monthly payments will be reimbursed. In this case the cancellation can also be made by email as well as by PEC, and it will be the responsibility of the boat owner to verify a positive response from the tourist marina, which is necessary for the completion of the cancellation process.
The discount is directly provided in the rate based on the period of the year and the length of stay. For more details, please refer to the rate plan on the website: www.viareggioporto2020.it.
All complementary mooring services are summarized in the appropriate tariff page on the website: www.viareggioporto2020.it.
Yes. The customer can also request the transition to a lower class, after having been in that category for at least two years.
It expires on 31 December of each year, also for annual contracts made during the year. The payment of the annuity by 31/12 is an indispensable requirement for automatic renewal, otherwise the berth place will be reassigned by the operators.
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