Vento in Poppa

Wind in their Sails

Vento in Sterpa ( Wind in their Sails) is a project through which iCARE supports the sporting activities of the young athletes of the Sailing Club of Torre del Lago, based at the marina on Lake Massaciuccoli which the company manages together with the tourist port of La Madonnina, as well as the Ceina and Antonini docks, “adopting” in particular, the crew of the boat class 420 (sail number 56645) composed of Margherita Pezzella and Alessandro Mattiello, both seventeen years old (born in 2004).

Last year the two young sailors competed in their first sailing season qualifying in fifth place in the Italian Cup in the category “Mixed crew under 19”, a result which has enabled them to access the European Championship.

«Our company is an active part of the development of the city community, managing on behalf of the Municipality of Viareggio imported public utility services» – said President Moreno Pagnini – «We appreciate the activities the Sailing Club carries out at the port of Torre del Lago, enabling hundreds of children and young people to try their hand at a beautiful sport that is part of the DNA of the city of Viareggio. In particular, at the invitation of the president of the Circolo Massimo Bertolani and the instructors, we decided, together with my fellow councillors, and as a first step to helping these two young people, not so much for the important goals they achieved last year and  those that, we hope, they will be able to achieve in the future, but above all symbolically for the charge of healthy passion for this sport that we have in fact found in the two young sailors. All this they reconciled with other daily commitments, the most important of all being education which we think can serve as an example to all their peers».

With reference to last season, the two sailors said: “We must confess that we are still amazed at how it was possible to achieve these results in such a short time. It is true that we spent a whole year training, at sea or on the lake in all weather conditions: every moment of our free time was dedicated to sailing and athletics training. We overcame technical and physical difficulties, moments of discouragement, fear of not making it, always supported, however, by our coach Massimo Bertolani who was able to inspire us, thanks to his experience, determination and patience ».

Margherita and Alessandro will start the new season, with new sails with the “Viareggio Port 2020” logo, the new iCARE brand of the nautical world, next 17-20 February competing at the Sanremo Carnival Race.

During the sailing season we will follow the various regattas in which they will compete, communicating on our social channels and institutional web.

Wind in your Sails Margherita and Alessandro!

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